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Mission Catalyst


Mission Catalyst International is a mission based group reaching the billions of individuals who haven’t heard the gospel.  Thes website is a great example of WordPress  design so anyone around the world can use with ease. The video series is over 9 hours of training and building with a PDF workbook to go along.  Feel free to make a donation to this exceptional group of missionaries.

Bourque Logistics

Bourque Logistics website design is very responsive and robust. There is a lot of heavy lifting under the hood on this site.  Very secure with a login to Citrix solution. This site was also built in WordPress but includes major custom code.  As complex as this site is a non-programmer could do almost all updates on the fly.  Great site.


RAILChannel® is Bourque Logistics online training website portal. Built with WordPress along with heavy security in mind but once logged in RAILChannel® is easy to use.  With over 150 training videos, closed caption, indexing, this site is truly dynamic.  Also, the amount of understanding of streaming technology along with metadata and security, RAILChannel® is a complete 24-hour education solution.

Sweetlake Interior


The definition of glamorous,  SLID website design, like the product they build, is fabulous in visuals and content rich as it gets.  Built with WordPress it also includes many third party plugins to optimize and satisfy.  Award winning and best in class this site is very forward thinking.